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How do you really clean your bathroom?

A clean bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean is an important part of maintaining hygiene in your home. But how do you really clean your bathroom properly? Here are some tips and tricks to deep clean your bathroom.

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Tip 1: Right tools

Make sure you have the right tools at hand. Think of a good toilet brush, a toilet cleaner, a bucket, a surface disinfectant and a reusable cloth or disinfectant wipes. Remember to lower the water level in the toilet before applying the cleaner to effectively disinfect the porcelain. Replace your toilet brush every six months for optimal hygiene. It is also essential that you keep the brush in a handy place.

Tip 2: Deep cleaning of the bathroom

Don't forget to deep clean regularly. This should be done at least every one to two weeks, depending on how often the bathroom is used. A mixture of bleach and water is a good option for the tile joints. Use a disinfectant cleaner for the sink, the faucet, the toilet seat, lid and handle and clean the bathtub with a magic eraser. Use a cleaner with bleach to remove dirt from the bathroom floor grout. To clean the fan, soap and water is recommended.

Tip 3: Extra tips

Finally, some tips to maintain hygiene: close the toilet seat before flushing, wash plastic shower curtains and liners in the washing machine, store toothbrushes and contact lenses in a medicine cabinet, and keep bathroom surfaces dry.


With these tips and tricks you ensure that your bathroom is really thoroughly and hygienically clean. Remember to clean regularly and use the right tools. This is how you keep a healthy and clean bathroom!